Tired of the same old...

traditional dehydrated individual backpacking meals? Hard to find something that fits into your Vegan, Vegetarian, or Keto diet? You may have had customers asking you some of these questions. We Sustain has the solution!

We have had a few of the PeakEats meals listed before, but now we are adding to the list of meals that can be ordered. The next best thing to catering to dietary preferences, is that many of the meals are different from the usual backpacking meals you find. I's almost like having a catered, or restaurant meal with you.

Some of the unique meals you will find are:

  • Spicy Thai Green Curry With Chicken

  • Garlic Cauliflower Soup

  • Broccoli Quinoa Scramble

  • Indian Pineapple and Pork Madras Curry

  • ...and many more

To our client members, be sure to click on the Dehydrated Foods section on our website to see many more delicious options, including some yummy desserts!