Staff Suggestions for Valentine Gifts

If there is one thing that most people have learned, it is that there is no one perfect gift to give that everyone would like. The gift giver needs to know what the person they are gifting to, would like. It usually has to do with things that they like to do or are special to them. So, with that in mind here are some recommendations from our We Sustain Staff.

For the person that loves to take CARE OF THEIR SKIN, we have the following:

  • Renovo Hand Moisturizer in a 60ml tube that comes in three fragrances - Unscented (703W), Vanilla Sugar (705W), & Pomegranate (704W)

  • Renovo Hand Moisturizer 355ml Pump that also comes in the same three fragrances - Unscented (706W), Vanilla Sugar (708W), & Pomegranate (707W)

  • Cordillera Foaming Natural Hand Soap - 550ml Pump with a very light lavender, rosemary and peppermint scent.

The above three would make a very nice little gift basket!

For someone that loves to take CARE OF THEIR TEETH, may we suggest -

  • ipana Naturals Adult Bamboo Toothbrush - Soft. (796W) This is also something that one who loves sustainable products would like.

  • Ipana Naturals Kids Bamboo Toothbrush 10pk (797W)

  • ipana Adult Toothpaste - Winter Green (799W)

  • ipana Kids Toothpaste - Bubble Gum (800W)

For those that like to make the occasional home décor change we have many photograph canvases to choose from that would add delight to any home. We also have excellent quality blinds in four colours that are light blocking. They also help keep the Summer heat down a little.

For the TEA LOVERS we have the Chef's Secret 40oz Glass Tea Pot w/Steel Infuser & Neoprene Cover. (713W) It may be used with loose leaf teas and tea bags.

And what about the TRAVELERS? For them we have the following:

  • 18" Red Carry-On Bag/Backpack (344W)

  • Embassy™ Italian Stone™ Design Genuine Leather 21" Tote Bag (391W)

  • Embassy™ Italian Stone™ Design Genuine Leather 25" Tote Bag (453W)

And we have the CAMPERS! They may enjoy receiving some of these items:

  • Mitaki-Japan® 12-Bulb LED Lantern (303W)

  • Maxam® 32oz Aluminum Canteen with Cover and Cup (293W)

  • WS HD Solar+ Multifunction Powerbank Flashlight (502W)

Then we have WINE LOVERS! (This gift is also great for campers.) We Sustain's new 'Anywhere Wine Tumblers'

  • Anywhere Wine Tumblers with Stainless Steel Straw (662W)

CAMPERS and HUNTERS will like having this along with them.

  • We Sustain Bullet King 500ml Vacuum Bottle (660W)

  • We Sustain Hunter Shell 1L Vacuum Bottle (661W)

We also need to remember the BUSINESSMAN and OFFICE EMPLOYEES!

  • Rosewood Pen and Pencil Gift Set (607W)

What about the CHESS LOVERS? We have something for them too!

  • Maxam™ 33pc Glass Chess Set (326W)

These are just a few of the items we have available, that would make good Valentines Gifts! ORDER NOW AND GET THEM IN TIME FOR VALENTINE SALES!

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