Now Where Did I Put That Knife Again?

Your order has arrived, and you have several boxes to open, product to price and shelf or display. You excitedly open a box and pull things out, turning to the next one to open, but then can't find your box knife. You look around and don't see it anywhere! Finally you find it under the supply of product you took out of the first box! You just wasted time looking for the darn knife!

This can happen to anyone. You and your staff keeping product in the store; at home when getting your Amazon order; or perhaps on your run when you come across a kitten all tangled up in something and need to rescue it. What can you do? Get our NEW folding Utility knife!

This folding Utility knife has a strong clip for pockets, belt loop, or waist band. And, because it folds, can easily fit into a jogger's pouch, or even a woman's purse. It is safe as the blade will not release and open up without pressing on the release button.

The SK5 blades are nice and sharp and are well know to be a good blade. That's all you need to refill the blade; replace it with SK5 blades.

Here are some Fast Facts.

  • Foldable

  • Aluminum & ABS

  • SK5 Blades

  • Finger Press

  • Unlock by pressing the release button

  • Clip for pocket, belt loop or waist band


Link to Utility Knife

Now imagine the same situation above using our new folding & clip-on Utility Knife. No more searching. It's right where you clipped it onto your person.

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