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Moving Towards Sustainability Pt I

Updated: Feb 16

"The History"

The word “sustain” has many meanings, but according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word’s core definition illustrates the idea of giving support, providing relief, supplying with sustenance, or prolonging. The word began to take on new connotations in the Twentieth Century when groups of forward-thinking individuals considered what the state of the earth in decades to come might be – what conditions would their children grow up in? This idea of sustainability began to take form through thinking about ways to sustain natural resources, the integrity of the environment, and economic stability for future generations.

“We Sustain” was Alex Barry’s (CEO and President of We Sustain Wholesale LTD.) motto long before he started the company. “I served in a Supply Squadron of the Royal Logistic Corps,” Alex explains. “That was where I was first introduced to the concept of supply chain solutions, and our motto in the corps was ‘we sustain.’” As the motto suggests, the regiment was in charge of ordering food and other supplies for the soldiers.

Alex served with the Royal Logistic Corp until 2009 when he moved to Canada. After he arrived, he first worked at a warehouse where he was hired as a LEAN (Leadership. Eliminate waste. Act Now.) Coordinator, focusing on process and prod-

uctivity improvement. He oversaw the factory-based supply chain from raw materials being received to the manufacturing and production of finished products. From there his career transitioned to retail management, with a focus on inventory control and purchasing. It soon became apparent to him that he had fallen in love with the world of supply and demand. “I realized that I had a real talent for spotting supply chain inefficiencies, and knew that was where my career was heading.” Alex had found his niche, and We Sustain Wholesale LTD was established in 2018.

For the next few years, Alex was on a mission to supply independent and SME stores in Canada with “premium-quality, unique, and innovative products” at competitive market prices. Starting We Sustain was about helping clients spot inefficiencies in their supply chains, and helping them find better solutions to help their bottom line.

Since then, Alex and his team have provided various clients across Canada with unique products at reasonable prices, including: Co-op, Ace Hardware, Castle Building Centres, Peavey Mart, Timber Mart, and Pharmasave -- to name a few.

When many businesses and organizations were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it was more important to Alex than ever to provide clients with supply chain solutions. He continued with the same mission and vision from the beginning, and also obtained a Class II medical license to be able to supply personal protective equipment and medical devices to businesses as well. Nearly a year later, it is still his mission to ensure that businesses are getting the products that their clients need at affordable rates, and in a reasonable amount of time.

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