Just in Time

There are many methods of ordering and keeping stock, while meeting

the demands of clients. At We Sustain Wholesale LTD., we operate on the Just in Time method, or JIT. Also known as the Toyota Production System, JIT refers to the amount of stock that is ordered and kept as it relates to customer demand.

At the end of the day, it’s about sustainability as well as providing customizable products to clients. We believe in using ethically sourced materials and goods, and the JIT method fits in with our core values. We will not order more than you need before you need it; we order what you need and have it delivered exactly when you need it. Our products won’t go to waste, and raw materials are used when needed.

We believe that intelligent work eliminates waste, and less waste means more gain, allowing us to provide our clients with competitive prices that can help keep them keep their bottom lines safe through the pandemic in an unpredictable economy.

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