Giving and Receiving

It was a busy day for the We Sustain Wholesale team

on February 5, 2021. Team members delivered more than $3000 in KN95 industrial grade masks to the Lethbridge Food Bank, and the Lethbridge Senior Citizen’s Organization (LSCO).

Alex Barry President and Chief Executive Officer at We Sustain Wholesale says it is important to him to help community organizations during a time of great need. “I had my share of financial difficulties when I was younger,” says Alex. “I have struggled as an employee, or as a person trying to get work, and there were times when I had low income and relied on the services of the food bank. What they do there... it’s an absolute lifesaver.”

The industrial-grade KN95 masks are made of multiple synthetic layers that capture 95 per cent of 0.3 micron particles in the air. Similar to the N95, these masks provide a snug fit while meeting the standards that Health Canada has set forth with regard to personal protective equipment. Phil Rosenzweig, Interim Executive Director at Lethbridge Food Bank says this is the first large-scale donation of such high-quality masks that they have received to date. “At the Lethbridge Food Bank, we have had great support for the regular disposable mask, but we have never had anyone donate this grade of masks,” says Phil. “This will be very useful, and deeply appreciated by volunteers, staff, and patrons. We’re very grateful.”

“You can’t take organizations like the LSCO and the Food Banks

for granted,” says Alex. “They are wonderful and help so many people; they have helped me. The price of groceries and other household supplies goes up all the time. It’s not cheap to live. So many people would struggle to survive if it wasn’t for organizations like these, and it feels great to give back.”