Find Yourself Racing Against Time?

Time flies, and time is money, right? Well there are only four days left to place your pre-order of our new Bamboo Toilet Paper. That's the 'time flies' part. Our announcement and Bamboo Toilet Paper campaign was emailed over a week ago, when we started our promotion with a 5% discount if you order by end of March 5th. The 'time is money part'? Well that's the 5% discount part!

Remember in our past post when we stated, "The three faces of sustainability include: Social, environmental, and economic." How does Bamboo TP fit in the 'Social' part of sustainability? Well if we look at how society is trying harder and harder to be 'green' and 'eco friendly' it becomes more of a socially promoted and preferred way to go. And, environmentally? Well it goes without saying that bamboo is much more sustainable than recycling or replanting trees. And lastly, economical. Well, you save 5% if you pre-order by end of March 5th.

Even our staff and their families have tested the product, and the general consensus was that this Bamboo TP is a great product.

So, you can't put off that pre-order much longer. Check it out again on our website page, read over the details, and email or phone in your order before the promotional discount is gone.

And remember, if you have something you are looking for and don't know where to find it, or are wanting something that you can't get because of quantity specifications, or what ever other reason, check out our Supply Chain Solutions page. Fill it out, and we will do our best to help you with what you are looking for. You can also join our We Sustain Facebook page, here. Click on groups, and you can join from there.