All At A Glance...(well towards the end)

Today, we thought it might of interest to you, to post about the items that we have in stock, and those items that we only have a limited supply remaining in our shelves.

Ordering from this list will ensure you a quick delivery!

As we have just moved into our new and larger facility, we have more space to organize the stock that we have and can have a better view of our stock.

Before we share our stock list with you, we wish to share some other things first. We are doing a lot of sourcing research into further products. Through this we are making some changes and additions to our stock. We would like to start adding products for the family, and for women. We would like to get into some 'sustainable' and Eco-friendly products too. Is that something you would like?

We hope that you find this as exciting as we do. It will take a little time to get the ducks all in a row, so to speak, but it will happen!

OK, so now to that list we promised you.


  • KN95 5-Layer Industrial Particulate Respirators 516W

  • Compact Heavy Duty Work/Safety Warning Light 499W

  • Mini Auto Warning Light 8 LED 498W

  • Heavy Duty Work/Safety Warning Light 497W

  • HD Solar+ Multifunction Powerbank Flashlight 502W

  • PeakEats in a variety of food styles (Check under Dehydrated & Freezedried Foods; they are all in stock and arrive quickly if you need to order more.)


  • Unique Wine Bottle Aerating Pourer 385W

  • Wyndham House™ Classic Waiter-Style Corkscrew, Bottle Opener 383W

  • Maxam™ 33pc Glass Chess Set 326W (only 2 remaining, however orders arrive quickly from USA)


  • The product images you see on each category will have a banner stating if in stock, or if you need to pre-order. Those without a banner are not new product, and some may be taken down in the next month or so.

Leave a comment below, email us, or phone us if you wish to take advantage of our 'In Stock' items, or to speak with Alex to find out if products you are interested in may be discontinued.

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