7 Items At 10% Off For AUGUST! And 1 Item At 20% Off!!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021


To CELEBRATE the more lenient COVID restrictions, and the re-opening of many businesses in Alberta, we are discounting 7 of our items by 10%! We don't want you to forget that you are still a part of our family. That hasn't changed with everything that has happened and may have decreased your budget and ordering capacity. We haven't forgotten you, and hope that you haven't forgotten us.

Let's get on to the fun stuff though, shall we?

First off, we have some items that are in stock and can be delivered as soon as payment is made.




These items are also discounted, but need to be pre-ordered. As soon as payment is made, it will only takes 10 business days to be delivered.

IN STOCK & 20% OFF!!

These are INDUSTRIAL MASKS, which we have in stock. As soon as payment is made we can deliver your order of masks. What industries are interested In purchasing these masks for your employers? If you know of an industry that could use these masks, please refer We Sustain Wholesale to any of your industrial friends. If your referral purchases masks, you are in for a surprise just for you.

We are sure there is something here that you would love to have added to your business to celebrate your RE-OPENING! Perhaps you can discount the SRP and pass on your savings offering it to your customers as your RE-OPENING Special!

Oh, and look for our August newsletter coming in a few days! These offers will be found in there as well, along with some tips, funnies, a survey and something special too!

Happy August! Thank you for being a part of our We Sustain family!

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